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Your 3D, Any Device.

Umbra Composit for AEC

Umbra Composit enables Architects, Engineers and Construction professionals to view, share and collaborate on complex 3D designs via any device, anywhere within minutes.

How to ‘Umbrafy’ your 3D models

  • Install the Umbra Composit add-on for ARCHICAD, for a free 14 day trial please visit:
  • Launch ARCHICAD after installing the Umbra plugin from the Umbra website
  • Select the ‘Umbra’ tab on the ARCHICAD main toolbar and hit the ‘Umbrafy’ button.
    Shortly the project will be ready to view on the device of your choice.
  • Find more information at:


Umbra’s Composit is now available as a plug-in for Graphisoft’s ARCHICAD.With the single click of a button from your design interface you can now instantly export your complex ARCHICAD models to Umbra’s cloud-based optimization platform, where it is automatically simplified and made available for viewing on any untethered viewing platform including mobile phones, AR and VR, and any device running a web browser.

Accelerate Design

Long rendering times between design revisions are a thing of the past. With Composit you can make changes and view them in minutes with your team, or your clients, regardless of their physical location.

Live, Interactive and Immersive

Still sending your clients 2D screengrabs of your models, flying them to your office for an in-person walkthrough, or fighting with poor quality and low frame rates on telecom calls? Or have you spent days or weeks hand-optimizing models so they are simple enough to run on your customer’s mobile or MR viewer? Composit automatically optimizes your model and gives you the freedom to share your vision with anyone, anywhere.

Bottom Line In the Field

For construction professionals, the ability to communicate with the designers and architects in the field can save hours of labor and thousands of dollars per project. With Composit, on site builders can instantly stream optimized 3D designs and perform pre-emptive build reviews before costly mistakes are made.