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Eptar cadsupport

For the past 12 years, Éptár has developed more than 50 applications and GDL Libraries for the Hungarian as well as for international markets.

Our aim is to develop useful tools and apps for ARCHICAD users. On the eptar cad support page, you will find free and inexpensive ARCHICAD add-ons and libraries that will make working in ARCHICAD easier and more effective. Here is a small selection of our solutions:

[eptar] Reinforcement

[eptar] Reinforcement

The [eptar] Reinforcement tool opens up the world of ARCHICAD towards civil engineers who work closely with fellow architects. The solution provides a helpful tool that enables civil engineers and architects to work on the same BIM model, without leaving the ARCHICAD environment, making this an ideal add-on for medium-sized architecture firms.

The solution helps designers to draw, document and list the necessary reinforcement for their buildings in ARCHICAD. The application provides tools to define all 2D drawings and the complete 3D model as well as the cutting list of rebar. The solution supports ARCHICAD network-keys as well.

Try the tool and view your structure in full BIM.

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[eptar] Reinforcement use tutorial videos

Reinforcement Work Story view definition
Reinforcement for ARCHICAD - Mesh
Reinforcement for ARCHICAD - Column
Reinforcement for ARCHICAD - Beam
[eptar] Reinforcement [eptar] Reinforcement [eptar] Reinforcement
[eptar] Tiling

[eptar] Tiling

Wall and floor tiling application for ARCHICAD that uses ARCHICAD Accessories Add-On to tile floors and walls.

  • Free texture, tile size and listing name definition.
  • Wall and floor polygon handling.
  • Easy definition of door, window and wall edges.
  • Individual and complete row editing in one step.
  • Possibility to define and edit extra holes.

Rectangular and polygon-based individual placement is supported.

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[eptar] Tiling [eptar] Tiling

Other downloadable content

Free accessories and solutions

[eptar] Rooftiling - Mediterran

[eptar] Rooftiling - Mediterran

This solution helps users define real roof tile designs for their buildings modeled in ARCHICAD. The solution offers real products and true-to-life colors from the product range of Mediterrán Hungary Ltd.

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[eptar] Accessories

[eptar] Accessories

This is a small accessory library, which contains various surrounding objects for interior design. The library offers 44 simple objects for kitchens, bathrooms and offices.

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